Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ex Larkin(1) year 1976-1981

A month ago on 30/4/2010, for the first time I met few of my primary school mates from Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Larkin 1. Some of them, the last time I met them were 29 years ago. That night was great, Dali & Arshad brought old, old photos when we were 7 years old, 8 years old etc. That old photos shown how tiny & small we were.

Left to right
Standing : Rafidah, Fazilah, Fairus, Arshad, Dali & Sharliza's husband
Sitting: Roha, Sh Saierah, Raja Mazwan, Sharliza, Rahayu & Annie

Firus, Arshad & Dali

Shally, Ayu, Annie & Firus

Rafidah & husband

Rafidah, Fazilah & Roha

Friday, 28 May 2010

EXSMTJB 1985/86 in Port Dickson

We had another gathering in PD on 23 - 25 May at Selesa Beach reasot but this time it was sponser by our friend Sarip the catch wwas we had to attend a MAA takaful Road to Freedom. Yes we were to be train as Manager Consultant. Everybody enjoyed the course and gaer up to sell insurance. On the last night we had BBQ and karaoke.


Hisham aka solok

Razi & Hisham

Roha & Halim

Faridah & Shikin

Sarip & Ahmad Rudin

Sapariah & Faridah

Aji Jubal, Ahamd Rudin & Razi

Tnor, Sapariah & Faridah

Ir Hisham & Meme

Meme, TNor & Sapariah



Wind of Change that was the song that Halim sang on the night

On the way home we found a hotel not far away from the place we stayed which had Dim Sum ( I forget the name of the hotel but it was the only hotel in PD which served Halal Dim Sum). I Love dim Sum, therefore I asked Razi to stop over and I treat them a dim sum lunch. The resturant were near the pool & beach, whilst were were waiting for our food, the rain came over and nearly drench us, without any help from the hotel people we had to do moved the table ourselves. What a service!!!.
As it was Razi & Shikin first time trying the dim sum, I ordered all the 15 dishes in the menu. Out of 15 only 4 dishes that I can eat as all of the other had mushroom (I'm allegy to mushroom). I only order 1 set but when the order came in I saw 2 set of each dim sum, when I asked why 2 , this girl said a waitress before her put it 2 set each. I blew up and told her that I refused to pay for the other sets as I didn't order it (lack of training I presumed or may be stupidity on the girl part). All and all I didn't enjoyed the meal, the dim sum not nice, the service crap and don't advised all to try this dim sum.

Razi & Shikin

Halim & Razi

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Kenduri at My Mom's house

On 2nd May 2010, we had another kenduri arwah at my mom house. Compared to my house kenduri, this was much bigger occassion. We started in the morning to prepared all the dishes unser my mom.She can be very difficult adn very fussy. Everybody chip in to helped, the neighbours help too in the morning. What cooking, rice, Ayam masak kicap, beef curry, stirfry veg, sambal undang, roti jala, fruits salad. On the dessert table we had sweet & savoury dishes like cupcakes, kuih tako, cakes, murtabak (Mak Long & Pak Long brought it from Kg Melayu & I had some brought over frozen to London), currypuff.
That night, we had at least 90 people came for the yassin. Shukur alhamdullilah everything goes well and we do had enough food for everybody.

Emma & Azreen

Adib & Adik

Abg Usop

Didi & Hakim

Lyn & friend

Adib & Adik

Abg Man & Kak Kamal

Adah, Roha & Izzaty

Kak Radiah, Lyn & Kak Chik (Aida)

Kak Kamal & Abg Man


Pak Long & Abg Hanif

Amy & Didi


Emma & Kak Radiah

Yusila & Kak Radiah

Hakim & Mak Long

Azreen ezting the ABC

Roza, Adah & Abg Hanif

Kak Teh & Ijah

Pak Long & Abg Amy


Izzaty, Adah, Kila, Amal & Hakim

Roza, Kak Teh & Yusila


Kak Long & Ijah

Kak Teh (Rozi)

Fried chicken - later it will become Ayam masak kicap



Yusila and the kuih tako