Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Windsor, Berkshire

From Kingston to Hampton to Windsor. What a day for sight seeing. The girls Huda and Faridah, enjoyed it. All the photos taken by Faridah from the car while moving. Not bad Faridah. The Queen at home but unfortunatly, we miss having the afternoon tea with her as we reach Winsor around 7pm. Never mind next time.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Harvester, Old Windsor

Tired from shopping, we need fuel for life. Tea time, fish & chip at Harvester of Old Windsor. Long que and we have to wait about 1/2 hour before we get a table. While waiting the girls take time to take lot and lot of photos at the Thames River accros the road. The view was stunning and they love the swans. Tea Time, Opps! we forgot to take the photo of our fish & chip.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Bentalls, Kingston-upon-Thames AGAIN

I love Kingston, usually during weekend, if you reach the car park around 12noon, you can wait up to 1 hour for parking but suprised, suprised last saturday, we have no problem finding the parking. Huda and Faridah came along. The weather were warm and sunny. I bought lot of my baking stuffs (20% off that weekend). We got stuck, when we want to go home as accident happened - a man hit by a bus and then a car while crossing the road (main bridge - to go in and out of Kingston) therefore we had to go a long, long way to drive home.