Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Habibah (Beepz) - exSMTJB

Beepz is the second old friend from SMTJB who cames over to London therefore it officially the 2nd gathering for ex-SMTJB 85/86 London Chapter.

On the first day, we went out to pick the Blackbarries, unfortunatly I forgot to bring the camera to capture the moment. Another muffins times

Fish & Chips, real English traditional - Harvester, Old Windsor

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Family weekend

On friday night, we watched Harry Poter movie at Veu Stains. Saturday morning started with Siti & Zaffran breakfast - left over mee curry, then they made sardine samosa. Later Zaffran helped me to peel the potatos for our lunch roast while siti and Ashraf supervised it.

Around 1 pm,off we go to pick blackberry at the park opposite our flat.

Manly blackberry muffins

For lunch we had roast leg of lamb, roast potatos glaze with honey and peas.

We also made blackberry smoothies -can see that Siti enjoyed it.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Lille, Arras and Roubaix

Our 2nd day - Sunday - all the shops were closed - we booked a city tour at 10am.

At midday we catch a train to Arras, 51 miles from Lille. This Town is popular for it history of World War 1. It was a beautiful town to visit but not on sunday because it dead, all the shops were close and the only people around were tourists walking aimlessly like us.

Lunch at Kebab House

We bought a beautiful umbrella but when it was raining my husband refused to use it although I kept hinting 'it raining' over and over again he just give me his cap and refused to open the umbrella.

Day 3 - pop in to Roubaix - there were a factory outlet

Time to go home. Where should we go for my next birthday trip?