Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Kenduri & Tahlil arwah

We had a kenduri & Tahlil arwah fro my late father. 28/4/2010 was 100 days since he was gone. We missed him and Al-fatihah for his soul.
The menu : I cooked pilau rice & beef curry & roast chicken wings and fresh salad. Kak Chik cooked laksa Johor & Kuih Sri muka. For dessert there were cupcakes & kuih tako made by my mom. Kak Long gave curypuffs. Adibah bought grapes. All and all the night was success although we did have a scared where suddenly we had a total black out whilst the guest arrived, lucky I can reached the main suiz in the dark. Thanks for the people who help us.

Kuih Sri Muka

Laksa Johor

Roza frying the currypuffs

Cutting the watermelon was hard work for Yusila


Hanidah & I

Mak & Amy before the kenduri

Pilau Rice was the main dish & beef curry

Mother & daughters - Azreen, Ijah & Kak Long

Pak Dolah (green baju melayu) the person who help us to invited the neighbour & orang surau.

Rozana & Yusila

Adibah & Hanida

Razi & Syed


Rozana & Zaman

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