Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Napoli Holiday

Italy here we come. My Naples holiday started on 16 October 2008. We touch down at the airport around 2.30pm, took a bus to the town centre and the fun began finding Case Cosi Medina 21 Via Sergente Maggiore. If you don't speak Italy it not help at all. Took us about an hour to find the small alley (our street). Below is the view taken from our belcony. Typical view you will see again and again. The alley is very narrow but beware of cars and scooters.

While looking for something to eat for our tea, I discover ice-cream to died for. I can live eating italian ice-cream every day. Mine is chocolate flavour and my husband is pistachio. So friend if you go to Italy look for their ice-cream.

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