Saturday, 24 January 2009

Harrods Again

Well my friend, I went to Harrods again yesterday, last week I forget to look for Harrods umbrella for Yusila and my other sister Roza, want me to buy a big Harrods bag for her friend. My husband said OK, so after work (3pm) on friday we catch an underground from Heathrow Terminal 5 to Knightbridge. I bought few more bags and reduce Christmas cards in box and 2 rolls of ribbon. Unfortunately, the umbrella was so expensive £19.45 each, that to much money to pay so Yus, I have to say forget about it. As we arrived a bit late, lot of beautiful bags already been taken. If you were there, you just look envy at other people find and wish you were there much much earlier and you get the bags before them. There were this 3 ladies whom have about more than 60 bags stacking around them and busy do some calculating with their calculator. I can tell they are not local. If we allowed to take photo definitely I took one to show you guy. Well friend we just have to wait for Harrods next sale in summer.


Unggal said...

Salam....pls do not reserve some for us... Can't afford it anyway...!!! Cuma yesterday anak dara I belanja tengok Slumdog Millionaire kat Coronet di Nottinghill.. Good movie (nominated for 10 Academy awards) and highly recommended kalau belum tengok..

Bila next roast??..

nenaSSedap said...

Salam, Roha..

Pls reserve for me one of each of the bags.. They are cute! How come there are no prices for them? Hope I can afford them..

Hanida Lokman la....apasal takde benda2 utk jantan?