Sunday, 18 January 2009

There is only one sale - Harrods sale

Yesterday, My husband and I went to Harrods, Knightbridge. I was so happy, coz I got to go to Harrods sale. Well, I nearly missed the trip as the original plan was to visit a friend at Virgina Water, lucky me in the morning we received a text stated that he have to cancelled it as he has to work. Yahoo! On Saturday Harrods open from 9am to 9pm, so after work my husband drove me to Harrods, we arrived around 4pm. Shopping Time.

Perfumes and colognes. My husband bought incanto Salvatore Ferragamo for me early present for Valentines and I bought him Aspege Pour Homme from Lanvin. We have to wait for Valentines day to use it. Ferrari Cologne for my nephew Nizam as a gift for passing PMR exam with 8A.

The small black handbag is for Fazliah a gift for her for passing the PMR exam with 8A. Congratulation in order for both of my nephew and niece.

One product Harrods is famous with is their pvc bags and it also famous among my family and my friends. If Harrod sale, one of them will ask me to buy one or two of the bag for them. I usually buy more as there always buyer for its in JB.

The true reason I went to Harrods was to get my mum's birthday present, her Birthday is on 29 March. As I'm going holiday in March to Malaysia,I'll bring her the present. As card member we have 10% discount on weekend, it is good idea to buy product which not on sale. Harrods have a services counter to wrap present and it cost me £8.45 to get the service and the result was good and very presentable gift for my lovely mother.

So friend, whoever coming to London or living around London this week, good idea to visit Harrods to get some bargin. Sale end on 24/1/2008. Top tip, go on the last day, if you lucky you can buy the sale pvc bag for only £1 and lot of stuffs go down to 80% to 90% off. I been to last day sale few years ago, it was hectic and fun to find bargin of the year. Good Luck.

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