Sunday, 22 March 2009

Best ever Mother's day

My mother's day started with a text from Ashraf (from Malaysia) wishing me Happy Mother's Day at 6:30am than from Siti a bit later. I called my mom to wish her Happy Mother's day (although in Malaysia, they celebrate it in May)
Azrin and Aimi came in the afternoon with a bouquet of flowers, card and gift(WHSmith £30 gift card). For lunch we had mee kari. My husband gave me a bouquet of roses and minstrels chocolate.

After relaxing and chit chatting, I decided it was time to do some baking. Apple pie and muffins.

Apam Balik Muffin

The girls prepared the apples and the filling, and using ready rolled puff pastry sheets for the base. Aimi decided hers is wrap around apple pie and Azrin's is lattice pie. Whoes is the pretties? For you to decide.

Thanks you to Azrin & Aimi for making my mother's day the best so far.

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