Sunday, 7 June 2009

Drizzling Sizzling BBQ

We plan this BBQ about 3 weeks ago but when the time comes the drizzles and rain kick in - British weather - typical, but Malaysian being Malaysian semua boleh.

Nasi Lemak with sambal ikan bilis and sambal udang, potato salad, green salad, karipap sardin, karipap daging, strawberry and banana slices sponge cakes, carrot cake, kuih tako from Kak Nariman, straberry and cream, biscuits and chocolates and the meats - lamb ribs, lamb back chops, lamb chops and chickens which been merinated for 2 days - heavenly delicious

The Guildford girls - Faridah, Farah and Huda


Siti and Almaz


Huda and Azrin

Saiful, Azrin and Kak Liza

The hosts

Saiful and Diana

Hj Zainal and Diana




Kak Niman, Nadia and Taufiq

Pasit (Mr P Man), Siti and Ashraf

Siti : Anybody for kuih tako?

The finale - the cutting of Carrot cake - decorated by Azrin

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