Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Pelangi Indah Open House

On the fourth day of hari raya was the day I open my house to my guests especially from ex SMTJB buddies. After 23 years some of them unrecognisable.
Cupcakes for everybody

Laksa Johor

Mahyut and Adibah

Fazilah and family

Azrin and the gangs

Azrin, do you know what was Harith trying to say?

Hafiza and husband

Raja Rozilah, Beep and Ilah

Ariff and family

Shikin, Dr Dila and Raja

Shikin and the girls

Raja and her children

My family, thanks to them, my open house went smoothly. The menu of my open house was Laksa Johor - made specially by my mom, roti jala ordered from my sister.

All the cakes I ordered from my sister Haidah

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