Monday, 18 January 2010

Meeting old friends

We arrived at KLIA on 24/12/09 early in the morning, managed to check in early at Marriot Putrajaya around 10am. Off to have breakfast at the Executive Lounge, than my day full out meeting 3 set of friends while Halim & Siti catching up with their sleep and jetlag.

We had breakfast, there were only 3 of us there, the food was good and we have butler hanging around to offer help. After breakfast, I checked my e-mail and started contacting my friends.

I had lunch with Aniza at Alamanda, Putrajaya.Than Tea with Aniza and Roz. We had donuts. It was good to catch up with my friends and remembering our time in London. I miss you guys.

Roz, Aniza and Me

Around 6.30pm, second set of friends - my UM law course mates, Rohaidah and Azmin.

We had our supper at Executive louge, it was good exchanging what had happen to us after our grad in 1994. Dr Rohaidah now is a law leacturer at UKM adn Azmin is a parttime lawyer. And Rohaidah's friend is at AG Chamber.

We had our dinner at 11.30pm at Seafood Restaurantin Subang with Irma Diana & Jeff. Subang is at another side of Putra Jaya, took us about 45 minutes to reached Subang. Irma had to order our food via telephone as the last order have to be taken by 11.30pm. Jeff was a smooth driver and we reached there on dot 11.30pm and we only have to waited about 10 minutes for the foods. It was superb. Thanks for the dinner Irma.
Siti posing with the crabs. We did had black paper crab

Me and Irma

Jeff and Halim

We back to our hotel at 2pm. Yusila was waiting in the room and she was just finished eating her room service Nasi Goreng. She arrived from JB around 12.30pm.

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