Saturday, 20 December 2008


Alhambra - 'the red' (due to the colour of the wall around the outside of the fortified city) construction began in 1238 by the founder of Nasid Court, Emir Ibn Alhamar

Generalife is the recreational estate of the royal family with its splendid gardens and pavilion

Palace of Charles V and the Courtyard - built by catolic king in 1527 during Renaissance era which remain unfinish till now - stark contrast to the beauty of Islamic monument

Entrance to Nasid Palaces - a group of royal apartments of remarkable refinement - an earthly paradise of a moving beauty which art and nature blend in vibrant equilibrium

Hall of the Ambassadors or the Throne Room

The Comares Palace, the focus of official life, with the pool of the Courtyard of the Myrtles which reflects the Comares Tower

This patch is the only original tile left from the Islamic era in Granada

The Courtyard of the Lions - the private house of the sultan (the lions were not there as it being restored)

El Partal

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